Hisory & Present

Ambikapur is changing...


Ambikapur is popularly known as Goddess Mahamaya ki Nagri. It is an unnoticed hinterland and houses the oldest natyashala. Ambikapur is a part of a mythological place 'Dandakaranya' and Lord Rama during banavas walked this terrain. It is a rich goldmine for Coal, Bauxite, Uranium and records heavy rainfall. The place is also a treasure trove of rare forest products and supplies.

What is driving the change?

Ambikapur is flanked by important state Capitals and Cities like Ranchi, Varanasi, Raipur, Jabalpur and Raigarh.

This is an agricultural belt surrounded by massive hill barriers and tablelands. Here is also a big Coal collection & its distribution centre.

Rice, Wheat, Forest products and oilseeds form the main produce here. All these are key drivers of economy here and so for the development.

Time to change...

First it was Varanasi & Raipur. Ranchi & Bilaspur followed. Now its time. Ambikapur is all set to change for the better!

Ambikapur is fast changing with time. Fostering this new trend, Jai Ambey Projects has envisioned a dream. A whole new world where you can celebrate your hard earned success.