Welcome to the family. A sense of ownership, focus on high performance, open culture and a caring environment are some of the parameters enjoyed by one and all.

It has been our constant endeavor to promote a work atmosphere that empowers, employs and applauds our people at all times. A lot of emphasis is given on freedom of thought and expression, respect for work and of colleagues at work, caring for the organization and living the brand at all time.

Communication is of paramount importance. There is always an encouragement for maintaining transparency in our dealings and transactions. We promote inter and intra departmental sharing which in turn fosters a climate of knowledge sharing that evolves, grows and is forever a dynamic force. The organization ensures and upholds healthy competition where each individual is his own competitor outperforming each times his or her own set goals and targets.

If you think you have the talent and spirit to create a difference in the Real Estate industry with your skill and knowledge, Jay Ambey Project welcomes you. We promise to confer the best value for your services.